Apple calling

A few days ago I received a phone call from Apple: They told me (nicely) I have to remove the sensing of the finger touch size from Orphion or they will remove the app from the app store. Orphion has been approved by app review seven times before, so this was a real surprise!

Within the next days, an update will be released with a (crippled) version of Orphion without this feature. Anyone who wants to have the “original version” should get it now, as long as its still in the app store.

What you can do:

BACK UP your current version to be able to restore it (Tutorial)

Please SUPPORT this online petition started by one of my users to convince Apple to make this feature officially usable. As soon as this happens, I will reintegrate it into Orphion.

UPDATE: In Orphion 1.5.2 you can activate the old articulation gesture again by this trick: Go to the last page of the info window and double-tap on the version number.

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